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Joe Sutton Collection is a new luxury online men’s boutique store that prides itself on unique and bold designs.  The collection features limited edition bow ties, neckties, pocket squares and unisex scarves.  Joe Sutton is the exclusive designer of all items.

Joe has been immersed in fashion since he was a child.  His soul has always been an artist and it shows in his newest fashion venture. Instead of studying fashion, he decided to get a degree in Communications and work as a journalist for a major international news organization.  However, his love for style, colors and trends motivated him to continue to learn about the fashion industry. Visiting small boutiques, speaking with experts, it opened up a new direction for Joe.

His first break came after being offered to be a stylist for one of his friends, a news anchor.  From there it was just a matter of time and many people began to seek his consulting services.

His fashion sense and artistic eye for radiant colors, has numerous people who appreciate his audacious style and this inspired Joe to come up with his own collection, “Joe Sutton Collection.”

“I want individuals to live on the edge and dare to be different.  They should have access to a new creative brand, which allows them to express their different styles.  Thus, I wanted my collection to set a new tone with a vivid expression.”

Sutton is native of Atlanta and a proud graduate of Oglethorpe University.

To find out more about Joe Sutton, please visit his website at

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